The "Candy Shop" is a web app designed to take you through the history of candy. While going through the app you'll be able to examine, sort and compare your favorite sugary snacks. This project was created in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects over the course of 7 weeks. It was designed to be extremely fun-loving and exciting to emulate the experience of going to a real candy store. This project was featured on Behance's Student Show.

CLIENT   -   N/A

CONCEPT   -   Whitney Brown

MODELING & ANIMATON   -   Whitney Brown

Selected Works

Zelda Cathedral3D Modeling & Motion

Candy Shop App3D Design & UI

Clinique - Pep StartIllustration & Motion

Suave - EvausMotion Design

Love Beauty & PlanetMotion & Design

UnifiedMotion Design

Peppermint Candy3D Animation

The OAMotion Design

Motion DoodlesMotion Design