My collection of personal motion work and doodles. These pieces are often accompanied with tutorials made by me. Sometimes I teach online and other times I teach co-workers in person.

I created a tutorial to help others make the same realistic peppermint candies that I made for my piece. The process is simple and mostly involves texturing a rounded cylinder using Cinema 4D with no special plug-ins. Check out the tutorial here.

This piece mixes UX and data design with tangable objects made in Cinema 4D. 'The Candy Shop app' can be used to sort through and find all types of candies. 


A quick 3D exercise.

These motion doodles were made in less than an hour to help teach novice motion designers how to familiarize themselves with 3D Layers, time displacement, trim paths and other interesting, experimental effects.


Selected Works

Zelda Cathedral3D Modeling & Motion

Clinique - Pep StartIllustration & Motion

Motion Doodles3D Animation

Illustration WorkIllustration